The Digital Leader Annual Summit was created to bring together experts and thought leaders to empower the leaders that are driving change within their organisations.

Our carefully selected panel of experts will share their experience and ideas regarding what delivers a successful digital transformation, and the real, tangible benefits that it has the potential to provide.

We understand that digital transformation initiatives have an unfortunately low success rate, our mission is to change that by sharing success stories, and the tools and methodologies that enabled them. 

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What To Expect On The Day

Why Attend? Learning Outcomes

Understand what "Digital Transformation" Actually Means

Cut away from the jargon and breakdown the marketing noise from Digital Transformation to understand what this actually means for you and your organization.

Align your Organisational Vision to a Digital Plan

Purpose is key for change.  Get tips, see real life examples and understand what you need to put in place to deliver the vision that equips your organisation for change.

Understand How To Get People On Board

Get the tips on why you can't dictate culture but you can influence it to deliver.

Tools and Techniques

You know you need to change, but you don’t know what the root cause that faces your organisation is.  Get the tools and techniques that unpick the unmet need that will steer you in the right direction.

No Exhibitors and No Sponsors

 This summit is a non commercial event and is designed to share and empower without the sell side that normally comes with technology conferences.

Walk Away with Your Own Digital Transformation Blueprint

Get the insight you require to form a plan that can be actioned immediately.

Hear from Other Leaders

Hear challenges, achievements and lessons learnt from those who have succeeded.


Get the skills low down.  See why CIO leadership must change and the risks for business leaders that ignore the importance technology plays in their overall objective.

Future Thinking

See what the Technology future looks like from a non technical environment.  Ai/RPA/ML/IoT/Blackchain - what does it all mean and how do you factor this into your plans.

Become a Part of the Network

Be part of a new platform that is set to inspire the next generation of leaders. You will become part of the Digital Leader network.  You will gain exclusive access to future events, meet ups and content all aligned with the same values.